Wayfinder 81

It's okay not to be okay
Ultracycling legend Jack Thompson has accomplished some of the most difficult cycling feats on record. Last year, he completed four ascents of Taiwan’s monster Hehuanshan in succession. Earlier this summer, he rode three ‘Everests’ in a row on the highest cols in France, Italy, and Andorra. Such challenges pale in comparison to the challenge he has faced since he was a teenager though. From a young age, Jack has had troubles with his mental health.

Backcountry Safety for Ultra Runners
In part 3 of a safety series for backcountry runners, Treeline Journal covers the essential gear (and some extras) to bring on your adventure. If you're heading out in Nature, be prepared.

Lead with compassion, and understanding will follow
We're trying to navigate our way and lean into all the changes happening around us. We seek to understand and develop our empathy and compassion and not let anger, shame or guilt cloud our judgement or our ability to listen. This piece on Tricycle was helpful, as well as this read on Sojourners.

Demystifying what it means to be creative
One of the greatest misconceptions we have of what it means to be “creative” is that we need to be erratic messes who spend more hours drinking bourbon than sleeping.