Wayfinder 84 / Stop Pursuing Happiness

5 Healing Modalities That Could Change Your Life
Adopting an outlook that life is a continual opportunity for growth, progress, and learning is a brave choice. Whether you are mending a broken heart, facing the painful wounds of childhood, or addressing reoccurring patterns in your daily life, looking at life as a healing journey is a positive approach. (Chopra.com)

Why It's Time to Stop Pursuing Happiness
"Over the past 10 years, numerous studies have shown that our obsession with happiness and high personal confidence may be making us less content with our lives, and less effective at reaching our actual goals. Indeed, we may often be happier when we stop focusing on happiness altogether." (The Guardian)

Why I Need Adventure
Trail runner Lisa Jhung on how running in the woods gives her peace, especially these days. (Women's Running)

6 Reasons Why Life in a Small Town Made Me Happier
Almost every time my wife and I used to go on vacation, we’d spend time during the car or plane ride home going back and forth about how nice it would be to live full-time in the destination we had just visited. By the time we got home, we inevitably talked ourselves out of the idea. (No Sidebar)