Elsewhere 48 / Rob Krar

Billy Yang Interviews Rob Krar (podcast)
Mid way through Rob shares more deeply his struggles with mental health and depression and how movement and engagement with nature are so crucial to his personal wellbeing.

Extreme Athleticism Is the New Midlife Crisis
The last thing I remember before passing out was the pain. It had overtaken everything, hunching my back, and curling my fingers into claws pecking out incoherent thoughts on my laptop before finally collapsing. It was 3 a.m. on the morning of my 43rd birthday, and depression had finally consumed me.

Sharing this one because it has popped up on our radar from several sources since being published.

Open road adventures: six epic drives of the world
From cruising sun-kissed coastal routes or motoring through dramatic mountain passes to hanging on to the dashboard around super-tight hairpin bends, one thing is for certain: the allure of the open road is irresistible!

We're always dreaming of epic road trips. Lonely Planet gave us a couple to think about.

Olympic swimmer Missy Franklin discusses depression after losing streak
Missy Franklin was the golden girl of the 2012 London Olympics. Night after night, she stood in the spotlight, her broad swimmer’s shoulders draped in medals and her impossibly bright smile dazzling fans and sponsors.

Four years later there was crushing disappointment. Franklin lost every one of her individual races in Rio de Janeiro. She’s spent much of the time since then battling depression.

Let’s Talk About Disordered Eating and Male Athletes
One thing that you learn when you are a coach (or a teacher, or a therapist, or just any open-minded empathetic person) is a simple truth of the human experience: the people you meet in life are going through a lot.

Social Good
I struggle with the amount of social media I consume, some is necessary for work, other times I scroll through on auto pilot then condemn myself for such behavior and condemn social media for the worlds (my) problems. That said there are good nuggets of wisdom from fine people on these platforms. I'm going to start sharing some social good in this newsletter. With that....

Tommy Rivers Puzey on Depression
I need to be honest about something. I hope this isn't misunderstood or cause offence. Fall is hard for me. Fall feels, and smells like depression to me. It's heavy. It hurts. Changing leaves look like anxiety, and panic attacks, and fear. The colors are wrong.