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A Hundredth Part of a Day
In the realm of experience, I’d suggest, a hundredth part of a day is decisive. Fifteen minutes. A hundredth part is the difference between doing something and not doing it. It’s the difference between an experience envisioned or postponed or never-dreamed-of and an actual experience, one that leaves you changed — initiated and ready for more.

A really beautifully written essay on what we like to call “Humble Adventures” and what the author calls “anti-bucket list” experiences. Leave the epic-ness aside sometimes and feel the satisfaction of 15 minutes in the woods, or small steps that open doors to future exploration. Have FUN, forget about mastery.

13 Lessons to Make You Really, Truly Happy. Maybe.
Outside Magazine writer Brad Rassler completed UC Berkeley's ten-week Science of Happiness online course. Did it make him happier? Not really. But he still came away with some important, if obvious, rules to live by.

‘Vodka or drugs’ … or running. How an ultra star overcome PTSD
Gediminas Grinius was not himself when he returned from serving in the military in the Middle East, but kilometre by kilometre he used running to slowly return back to the man he once was.

Now, the 39-year-old Lithuanian is one of the top runners in the world and claims he has next to no physical gifts, but his weapon is his mind, which took him to the podium at the 2016 Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc.

“Boys want to be like their dad and I want to show them what really matters in life – enjoying mountains and nature.”

Dr. Tommy Puzey Weighs in on Gastronomical Eats
In my experience, diets are a lot like religions or political parties – people like the structure, the boundaries, and the clear delineations. This is especially true among endurance athletes. We like to be able to label the “good” and “bad”, the “clean” and the “unclean”. We gravitate towards the simplistic, polarized, fool proof comfort that comes from absolute thinking.

Being in a constant self-debate on diets and nutritional plans that is fueled by the exhaustive amount of information available on the merits of specific regimens, this article was refreshing in both it’s form and content.

What are the Best Yoga Apps for 2018?
Many of us are searching for convenient (think: in your pocket) ways to explore yoga. Beginners might be searching for the best technology to start a foundational home yoga practice, and others might be looking for an on-hand reminder (pun intended!) to get back to a regular practice after getting out of the habit.

We’re looking forward to a couple upcoming weeks of greater than usual travel via plane and car, staying with family and camping, balancing work, workouts and rest. I’ll attempt to keep a daily yoga practice in there somewhere, and hoping to try out some of these apps to keep me going. Plus I’m checking out BeachBody On Demand Yoga, yep, don’t let the name scare you, there’s some good stuff in here whatever kind of body you’re after - or not. What are your favorite online yoga resources?

What we finished reading this week:
The Imperfectionists — Tom Rachman

Best humble adventure this week:
The obligatory fall color extravaganza seen gravel riding up Flagstaff’s Waterline Trail. Follow us on Instagram for more Humble Adventures.

Splurge of the week:
Hotel St. Michael on Whiskey Row, because awesome free breakfast and, well, whiskey & cowboys!

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