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What’s All This About Journaling?
Journaling may sound hokey to some. But it can be one of the most useful and cost-effective tools we have to forge a better, more emotionally and mentally healthy life.

Some suggestions in here about how to use journaling every day or just in spurts to work through all the mumbo jumbo that floats around in each of our heads. It can be an internal organizational tool which has effects on our memory, cognitive function, moods and even immune system.

The Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger Language of Dieting
Silicon Valley is creating a bevy of new products and services that could change how people talk—and think—about their body… an ever-increasing number of new health companies are encouraging people to think and talk about nutrition: as a problem of personal technology, where losing weight isn’t an experience of self-deprivation, but one of optimization, not unlike increasing a year-old iPhone’s battery life or building a car that runs without gas.

An interesting look at the more recent talk around bio-hacking our bodies, rather than traditional dieting. Health “optimization” may reduce some of the focus on weight or aesthetics, but still, or even more so, encourages perfectionism and “magic pills” to well being. The new marketing also opens up an audience amongst males, who historically fell outside of the diet culture in general.

Iditarod Footrace Champ on Running Down Depression
Along the way, he lost 30 pounds, a bunch of toenails — and a sense of clinging to life. Powering to the ITI Foot 1000 finish line in first place put his life, including crippling depression, into perspective.

“I’m good enough right now. I’ve come to understand that I’ve got absolutely nothing to prove to anybody. I’m aware that no future race or adventure will bring me total contentment and no failure is permanent. I’ve learned to look at failures and disappointments as building blocks towards future successes and triumphs. Nothing in this life comes easy, and endurance is the key." — Pete Ripmaster

This article resonated with me. Always pursuing "something", though not to the extreme Pete does, maybe subconsciously trying to prove myself to myself. He, as well, holds great value in connecting with Nature and getting outside and moving as a method to combat depression.

Is fasting the fountain of youth?
Keith Taylor and his wife have adopted a lifestyle that includes fasting on a regular basis. "For six days per week we don't eat until around 5 pm, but eat as much as we want and whatever we want from 5 pm until we go to bed.

What we listened to this week:
James Clear on the Compounding Nature of Habits — TheOne You Feed
Tommy Rivers Puzey Interview — Training for Ultra Podcast
The Pursuit of Less with Greg McKeown — Sonya Looney Podcast

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Humble experience this week:
Surfing on the California coast. The first surfing experience ever for Susan and 3 years since Paul's been in the water. Followed by Ceviche and Oysters at Waterbar, San Diego.

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