Wayfinder 86 / Put Yourself In A Strong Position

Time amplifies what you feed it. Shane Parrish writes about consistently making the right choices to put yourself in a strong position.

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Time amplifies what you feed it.

Shane Parrish writes about consistently making the right choices to put yourself in a strong position. These right choices span health, finances, relationships — all aspects of life. Essentially it's compounding interest of small decisions that improve your position over time. Personally, I've made good choices with consistent exercise and training — it places in a strong position to do the adventures Susan and I pursue. On the contrary, I've made consistently poor decisions, or no decisions at all, on finances and so I'm not in a strong position financially.

The point here isn't to make positive or negative judgements on these decisions, but to pause, take stock, and maybe improve on the consistency going forward.

The answer is as simple as it is frustrating. The position you find yourself in today is the accumulation of the small choices that you’ve been making for years.
The Small Steps of Giant Leaps
One of the most beneficial skills you can learn in life is how to consistently put yourself in a good position. Strong positions are not an accident. Weak positions aren’t bad luck.

It's on our bucket list. Hut-to-hut running is essentially trail running through mountain terrain from one shelter to another. It's on our list as a great downshifted adventure option. No FKTs, timing chips, or podiums, just go at your own pace experiences in Nature. Read further for route ideas and equipment essentials.

Is Hut-to-Hut Running on Your Bucket List? It Should Be.
Running from hut to hut over multiple days among dramatic mountains with others offers a unique format to experience awe, sustained immersion in landscapes, and crazy fun.

A beautiful example of aging awesome. Sue McDonald should inspire us to continuing doing what we enjoy, and push our perceived limits. We don't need "World Record" aspirations, but personal goals are important, as well as a holistic approach to training.

The Fastest 60-Year-Old Woman on Earth Is Only Getting Faster
For master’s world record holder Sue McDonald, it’s all about mental games and keeping the training fun

What are Sue's secrets?

She strength trains 2-3 times per week, as well as physical therapy type of movements daily.

“Sue has a lot of fun competing, which is why she has such incredible longevity in track and field. She has this kid-like joy for as long as I’ve known her.”

She found adding meat back into her diet, increasing her protein intake, improved her recovery.

She doesn't do just one thing. Meaning she incorporates different sports and types of training into her routine. This helps keep things fresh and reduces injury.

95-year-old cardiologist shares his must-dos for aging awesome. The list is specific to his interests and lifestyle, but much of his routine can apply to each of us in some way.

  1. Take an early morning walk (get outside and move)
  2. Have an intention workout (train for functional fitness)
  3. He connects with loved ones (avoid isolation)
  4. He writes in his blog (be creative)
  5. He creates art (be creative, again...)
  6. He makes time for new hobbies (be curious and learn new things)
  7. He takes naps (slow down)
  8. He eats indulgent meals (enjoy life and meals but keep it balanced)
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Mika Cribbs spent the summer with her 95-year-old grandfather in Japan, and was inspired by how he boosts longevity and happiness. Here’s his daily routine for living a long, healthy life.

Stuck? Haven't we all been at one time or another, it's a natural process of life. As long, as we can get unstuck. Here is some practical advice from Zen Habits.

Unstuck: Create a New Path for Yourself - zen habits
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