What Does It Mean to Age Awesome

What Does It Mean to Age Awesome

Age Awesome is a catchphrase we've recently embraced to replace wellness. Over the years we've written about wellness — in particular mental wellness, and physical wellness as it relates to endurance performance and slow, or downshifted, adventures.

Wellness is very broad. In this current phase of our journey we are focused on more specific elements of wellness and how they intersect with the natural aging process as athletes.

An overarching criteria as we explore these elements would be the following:

  1. What is necessary to keep us active and doing the hard & fun things we enjoy outside.
  2. What can we do to improve our longevity and vitality as we continue to pursue an adventure driven lifestyle.
  3. How do we manage our mental health along the way and accept the normal changes that come with age in a gracious, humble and even welcoming manner.

Succinctly, the question we ask ourselves: How do we set ourselves up to Age Awesome?

There are numerous prominent doctors and journalists exploring the topic of longevity. The most notable of the them might be Dan Buettner and his Blue Zones, or Peter Attia with his new book, Outlive: The Science and Art of Longevity. While I love reading and learning from those who've explored this topic, as well as the anecdotal and real-world stories from their studies, I lack implementation of the principles.

Neither Susan, nor I, are doctors — or journalists by trade. We do, however, have an insatiable thirst for information and reading. Susan is better at applying; I binge on data.

This project (in its many forms) has always been about exploring topics, then sharing our personal insights and applications.

Our hope would be that sharing:

  1. Helps us form lifestyle habits (or environments), and keeps us accountable to living by the fundamental principles we adopt.
  2. Encourages you to explore and adopt any of these principles that align with your personal journeys.
  3. Helps us find connection with a community of well-worn but still motivated and like-minded athletes.
Footnote: Yes, we've "borrowed" this catchphrase from a marketing campaign by Caddis eyewear. who promotes embracing your uniqueness as you get older with their funky-styled Eye Appliances. Yes, we both wear Caddis reading glasses now. Because our eyes are old.